The Soul of Mexico Comes to Scottsdale

I was born in the colonial city San Miguel de Allende in Central Mexico, raised by an energetic mother and surrounded by a loving family of 11 brothers and sisters. My mother’s passion for food and her entrepreneurial spirit inspired me, from a very early age, to seek the freshest ingredients for cooking and to dream of owning my own restaurant someday.

After attending college, traveling to many different regions of my country and moving to the U.S., I was ready to share my love for authentic Mexican food, inspired by the colorful streets of my hometown!

When I opened Los Sombreros in 1994, my vision of bringing authentic Mexican cuisine to the Valley was complete. Fifteen years later, all of us here at the restaurant are still committed to creating the traditional dishes of my homeland, deliciously proving that Mexican food can be as nuanced as the world’s most exciting and sophisticated cuisines.

I hope dining at Los Sombreros will inspire you to visit my beloved San Miguel de Allende and of course, to return to us here, where each flavorful dish is made with the same love and care you’d find in the kitchens of Mexico.

Azucena Tovar
Chef & Owner