How we have made changes to keep our staff and guests safer while dining-in during the pandemic

While dining at the restaurant, here are a few things we want you to know:

Menus: You have the ability while dining up to pull up a virtual copy of our menu by using a QR code located at every table, or by visiting our website at If you prefer a single-use paper menu to look over, just let your server know!

Single Serve Chips and Salsa: They say sharing is caring – with some exceptions! If you'd prefer to have your own chips and salsa as opposed to sharing with the table, just let us know! We'd be happy to provide individual servings to those who prefer them.

Restroom Reservation: Please tell your server if you'd like to know when the single use restroom is available, so you don't have to stand and wait!

Payment Methods: There are a few options for payment. Go old school and pay with a credit card swipe and signature (the nifty Los Sombreros pen is yours to keep!) or pay on your phone with the CityCheers payment app. Just let your server know which method you prefer.

And as always, please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your dining experience more enjoyable.

In good health,
Your Amigos at Los Sombreros